A.  Consultancy
   Project report preparation.
   Treatability studies.
   Design & modification of the Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)/ Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP)/Sewage Treatment Plants (STP).
   Design of pipeline systems.
   Supervision of civil/mechanical works for treatment plants.
   Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals of treatment plants.
   Design of air pollution control equipment.
   Supervision of erection of air pollution control equipment.
   Development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and assistance related to obtaining ISO 14000 Certification.
   Water harvesting.
   Cleaner production assignments.
   Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) assignments.

B.  Laboratory

   Analysis of raw-water and waste-water samples for various parameters such as pH, Suspended Solids, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Oil & Grease,       Dissolved Oxygen, Ammonical Nitrogen, Phenolic Compounds, Sulphates, Copper, Iron, MLSS, MLVSS and Bioassay studies.
   Analysis of solid waste samples and soil samples.
   Collection and analysis of source emissions from flue gas stacks and process vents.
   Monitoring and analysis of ambient air quality.
   Noise level monitoring.

C.  Operation & Maintenance

   Operation and maintenance of effluent/sewage/common treatment plants.
   Operation & maintenance of air pollution control systems.

D.  Manpower Training

   Training of manpower for operation, maintenance and analytical aspects related to effluent/sewage/common treatment plants.
   Education and training related to source emission/ambient air quality monitoring and analysis.

E.  Field Studies & Surveys

   Environmental Impact Assessment studies.
   Risk Assessment studies.
   Environmental Audit.
   Environmental Due Diligence Studies.\
   Collection and measurement of meteorological data.

F.  Computer Application Studies

   Source emission dispersion modeling for the prediction and assessment of post project ambient air quality scenarios.
   Plotting of Windroses from meteorological data.